To Xqmrp

In reply to this:

Do you realize you are still putting the blame on me? Nobody stops you from talking to me directly. You still have my e-mail address and you know where to find me on internet. You are free to do so if you really wish. Will you ever stop acting like a victim and deceiving your dear friends into believing you are the angel and I'm the devil, after all these years? You made such a journal entry and then banned me from replying, so that you can fool other people and yourself and then claim I don't want to talk to you. You are self-directing your own make-believe story. You said you have a life time of regret and wanted God to forgive you, but you don't look like you are ready to face yourself and the reality. God forgives people if they repent, not when they still want to cover-up and make excuses for themselves.

You have tainted my name in public and you might as well apologize in public if you really want to apologize as you said.

Things in the past does not matter to me anymore, but that doesn't mean I don't remember every detail of it. So don't try to twist the fact. It is time to grow up, we are not young anymore!!

As for other friends, I have pretty much given up LJ already.
Angel Rushita

Birth Announcement

I'm happy to announce that my baby girl has arrived on Sunday May 3, 7lb and 2oz. We got home yesterday. When I get more sleep and more sanity back and my brain functioning right, I'll write more.
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Angel Rushita

TV Show

I finally caught the show "I didn't Know I Was Pregnant". I've been seeing the commercial and was very curious how some women didn't know they were pregnant. The show is running as a 6-hour marathon tonight (still on right now), and I watched 2 and a half hours of it. It wasn't as surprising as I thought it might be and I certainly see a pattern in all the cases. Almost all of them were taking birth control pills. They had little or no common symptoms of pregnancy. They all said they had no morning sickness and no cravings. Most of them thought their appendix burst when they were in a lot of pain. When medical personnels asked if they could be pregnant, they all said no. And surprisingly, it seems like none of them have actually done blood test to confirm whether they were pregnant or not. Seems like they all did urine test either at home, at doctors office or at hospital (when they were already in labour at the hospital) and apparently the results were negative, except when that was how they discovered pregnancies at the hospital right before they gave birth. A lot of them say they were still having their period, as least intermittently, during their pregnancy.

I think this is actually a pretty good show to educate the public about being pregnant and the importance of prenatal care. I would actually recommend it to teenagers and those who don't get pregnancy facts straight (which is about 80% of the public according to my experience). If you are sexually active, and a medical personnel asked if you could be pregnant, never say no. It doesn't matter what birth control you use and what health condition you have that make you believe your chance of getting pregnant is slim (well, only maybe if you have your ovaries or uterus removed....). Birth control pills are definitely not 100% effective, neither is condom. Yes, they work very well most of the time, but never say impossible. The only reliable way to rule out pregnancy is by blood test. You have to be at least 3 or 4 weeks pregnant before the urine test will give you a positive result. A negative result can just mean you are not far enough into pregnancy. My blood test detected pregnancy when I was just 10 days pregnant. That was how early I found out that I'm pregnant.

I've had quite some customers told me that they or someone they knew were still having "menstrual period" when they were pregnant. No, that was not menstrual period, that was spotting or bleeding from pregnancy that some women get. It normally should just be very minimal and not bright red as a normal period. As a matter of fact, if you get it, it might not be a good sign. It is definitely not a good sign if you get bright red bleeding or as heavy as your normal period. It could mean distress in fetus and something really wrong. So for somebody sexually active, they should definitely keep an open mind about possibility of being pregnant and have it checked out. Not everybody have morning sickness and or cravings during pregnancy. Lots of pregnant women haven't. I'm one who haven't, and neither was my mother in her pregnancies.

The show mentioned very good points about importance of prenatal care. If you are pregnant and you don't know, chances are you could have exposed yourself and your baby to harmful stuff like cigarette, alcohol, hazardous chemical at work. Without check-ups, you would not know if you have health problems like high blood pressure, diabetes, infectious diseases (like HIV, chlamydia, hepatitis, B strep), etc, that might be harmful to the baby if not treated, and you would not know if the baby is developing healthily inside. Without knowing, you might not be giving the baby proper nutritions and vitamins to keep the baby healthy. That reminds me of cases in Hong Kong where women come from China to Hong Kong to give birth and had no prenatal check up, and even here where some immigrants had no check up at their home countries before they come to Canada. It is actually scary. Scary for the health of the baby and the mother. Luckily all the cases I saw in the 2 and a half hours ended with health babies and mothers. Very lucky.
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Angel Rushita

Me and My Baby

I must say, I'm extremely grateful for my baby in my tummy. She has been a really nice girl.

I had zero morning sickness/nausea/vomitting. I use "had" because you don't get them at this time of pregnancy, you get them at the beginning. I have no water retention or swollen feet. I have no high blood pressure or diabetes or constipation or yeast infection or other common illnesses that come with pregnancy. I have got no stretch-mark (yet) and no extra fat. The weight gain is apparently on the baby and not on me, which isn't too surprising because I don't put on weight easily anyway because of my lifestyle, my work, and my metabolism. I haven't got a backache yet, which is very nice, because I do have a history of backache that once it starts it can last for months.

What I do get right from the beginning of pregnancy is shortness of breath. My lung capacity hasn't been great to begin with, probably due to lack of aerobic exercise, and I think the baby is probably using up more of my oxygen. I can get shortness of breath from walking just 1 flight of stairs (versus 3 before), from singing, and even from talking fast or reading a passage out loud. It affects my singing in the choir the most, in term of how long I can sing with one breath, how strong my voice is and also how long I can sing at one time. I usually have to do minimal singing in church and save my breath for choir song presentation next. This probably gives me the biggest impact out of everything because I do love to sing. So far I'm managing my breath ok as long as I know my limitation. I have done peak flow measurement with my doctor, and I'm on the borderline. I kinda expect that too because when I did one myself years ago, the result was kinda like what you would get from an asthmatic. There is really nothing that needs to be done about it right now during pregnancy as long as I'm managing it ok. The other things I get are nose problems. My sense of smell is enlightened, while my allergy got worse. I sneeze much more often with more stuffy nose, and my nose bleeds every week. When you are pregnant, your blood vessels are more dilated and mucous membrane more swollen. That would give you nose bleed and bleeding gum. My rosacea also got worse for the same reason but these are no big deal. Some people get acne and oily skin when they are pregnant, but I'm the other way round. My skin is now much drier than before so there has been no acne on my back for many months. Now my back looks nice and smooth, which is a bonus. I do get a lot of bad leg cramps, which is just like an old friend. I used to have a lot of leg cramps during school years, up to the last 5 to 8 years anyway. I used to get it so often that I was so used to it and could use my mind to alleviate it by relaxing my mind and body. The leg cramps I get now are worse than before, but I can till bear with it with my mind and it is not a big deal for me personally. Prenatal class or pregnancy books would tell you to flex your ankle when you get leg cramps, to stretch the muscle, but I personally finds it useless and can in fact make it worse. I think the fastest way to stop your leg from cramping is to make your body and the leg muscle relax. Muscles are controlled by nerves, which makes more sense to me to try calming the nerves, rather than fighting fire with fire. I sleep and eat okay. The belly is getting bigger and bigger, but I still sleep comfortably most of the time. Ever since I'm pregnant, the sofa has became the most comfortable place to nap in the afternoon. It's almost like it is more comfortable than my bed.

I'm really thankful for having a relatively comfortable pregnancy. Although I've got some undesirable things from it, but they are really nothing compared to what worse things could have happened during pregnancy.

Baby is doing well. She is kicking a lot, especially when I lie down or when she hears music. I enjoy her company a lot. <3
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Angel Rushita

Haapy New Year

Ah, it is the new year. Time went so fast that I didn't do much this time for Christmas or New Year except went to some gatherings and dinners. With violin practice, bible reading, attending doctor's appointments, projects for church, and now trying to give a little push to my student's assignment, I don't really have time to think about other things @_@;; Nevertheless, every time when I past the new year, I feel like getting my annual big hair cut before my birthday comes. So I went for a hair cut today. As usual, it looks so-so right after. But after a couple of days and after a hair wash, it should sit comfortably on my head and looks more like me.

My tummy is getting bigger and baby is doing good. It's been pretty active lately. It feels quite funny that it feels like there is a worm in my tummy moving. ^^

3 more months to go for work. I can't wait till it is done and go on maternity leave. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. >.>
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Angel Rushita

Happy Shopping!

It is nice when I went shopping and I accomplished everything just from the first 5 stores. And I don't mean first 5 stores that I walked into, I mean literally the first 5 stores down the hallway in the mall.

As I complained every fall, the length of our fall (or the time when you have to go between full summer and full winter clothes) has increased so much the past 10 years. We used to have hot summer and them jump into cold winter in about 2 weeks, but now fall is so long and I have no clothes to wear. I wasn't going to shop for regular clothes this winter ('cause you know why), but then I literally have no clothes to wear, so I went to shop for fall/winter skirts. It is not cold enough for me to wear pants yet. I happened to run into sales too, so it is good price for my 3 skirts. I also bought long boots. For some reason, I have actually never had long boots in my life. I just suddenly feel like having boots, especially since I decided to continue to wear skirts...... Boots are on sale too for a very good price. So I was a happy shopper yesterday ^^.

Oh, and I realize that if I friend lock an entry in Livejournal, it doesn't get RSS feed to facebook, which is kind of both good and bad. I guess I'll just repost it in facebook.
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Angel Rushita

Where did it go?

I hate the fact that when you are off for one whole week you still don't seem to have gotten anything done @_@;; I'm so not looking forward to go back to work. May be if I'm off for 3 more weeks I'll be able to make some of the things on my to-do-list disappear. >.>

Well, we went away to Mount Tremblant for 3 days. It was a nice and relaxing trip. I manage to find the wallet that I've been looking for during the trip. It is the colourful leather type with colourful leather patch work in different patterns. For some reason, I have only seen them in tourist area on Quebec. This time I found them in Kingston before we got to Quebec. I bought the one with a frog and lily pads.

I did managed to catch up on the bible reading. I'm up-to-date as of today. I finally managed to clean the bathrooms too. >.> Oh that reminds me, why do all the cleaning supplies, like those cleaning sprays and cleaning wipes, come in scented?!?! Why do people think a nice scent means clean? My idea of clean is clean with no smell at all. Any smell means there is something that shouldn't be there. Are the manufacturers aware that some people are allergic to fragrance? Any fragrance will bother them no end and give them a headache if it isn't sneezing and running nose? @_@ Why can't they make one that disinfect and no scent? Oh, and no foam too. Those foams drive me nuts. It means I have to use a wet towel to rinse off the surface afterwards, which defeats the purpose of using the wipes trying to save time.

That's it for today. I need to work on serializing some library books now....
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Angel Rushita

A Nice Monday Morning

It is nice because I don't have to work! I had a busy work week last week. I haven't posted on LJ on a long time, so I'll do a quick update!

A week ago me and my husband went to a resort overnight for some relaxing time. We had spa, which was the first in our lives. Believe it or not, it was the first time I had a facial done, and a deep cleansing back treatment, and a pedicure. I don't think I've seen a major difference on my face or my back, but it was a nice and relaxing experience. I guess that means my face and my back was in pretty good shape to begin with. When I booked for the back treatment, I had bad acne on my back, but I aggressively self-treated it and it went back to normal before the day to the spa. I planned to swim in the pool, but I was so tired, so I only laid on the bed to relax. The dinner and breakfast were good. The bad thing about the trip was, someone was having a wedding in the resort, so the rest of the rooms were taken by the people going to the wedding and I guest because they don't get together that much, so when this was the chance to do so, they talked a lot. The room right next to us was so loud. People was like having a party and they talk and laugh the whole evening till someone mentioned they had to be somewhere at 8:30am the next morning. At that time it was about 2am, then they dismissed and decided to go to bad. I was so tired and so wanted to relax and sleep but I came in and out of sleep by their talking and laughing. At 12:30am, I decided to get up and get dressed and knocked on their door to tell them somebody need to sleep. They didn't even close their door, but it won't make much difference to us because we are right next door and the walls are paper-thin. So they closed the door but they were equally loud until about 2am. e.e;;

I really didn't get online much lately because I was so busy. I just minimally check e-mail, check my site, check forum, check facebook quickly everyday.

Recently my favourite show is Jon & Kate Plus 8 on TLC. It is nice to see how a christian family overcome difficulties and it has some great parenting tips here and there.

Violin lessons are going fine. I have not taken any exam, and will not until I get much further, but I should now be somewhere between grade 3 to 5. Lately I've been so busy and tired, so it is difficult to find time to practice, but I'm doing my best on it. You actually do get callus on your left hand fingers from playing violin if you practice a lot, although not as much callus as somebody who plays guitar because the guitar stings are much thicker.

This is what I must rant. I never understand why some drivers like to butt in to somebody's lane in front of somebody's car and not behind, no matter how little space there is in front of the car and how plenty of space there is behind it? I'm disgusted at the thought that people wants to take advantage and wants to always be ahead of other people and not behind as if you would be a loser if you waited 2 more seconds to let the other people's car pass and politely and safely pull over behind it. People are so stupid that they do not realize when they want to change lane and they are right next to another vehicle (or even a little ahead), the driver in the car right next to them will not see their turning signal and will not know they want to butt into their lane in front of them because they will not see the front or the back of the car! The back of your car has to be at least in front of the driver in order for the driver to see your turning signal, which means your car has to be at least 2/3 ahead of the other car! It is very rude to butt in from the front when there is little space between the cars and expect the other driver to slow down to accommodate you. As a matter of fact, they are forced to slow down because you suddenly pull over to their lane in front of them and if they don't slow down, they are going to hit your car. Why don't people realize that they should pull over BEHIND the car next to them because the car behind it will see the turning signal and will likely slow down to let them pull in because the other driver know what they want to do!? Is this the men thing that their brains are programmed to always go on top on other people?

There are so many things I need to do and don't have time ;_;
1. Need to find a household cleaning company to get someone to clean our house on a regular basis. We are so busy and we have no time to clean. When we have time, we are so tired that we want to sit down and rest or catch up on our sleep. needs cleaned badly.

2. needs an update so right now it is so low on my priority list. I really want to get it done soon....

3. Bible reading is a bit behind. Need to catch up!

4. Continue serializing a lot of books for church library. I've set up a new web based system the last few months and now I can do them at home on my own time. Still has lots of different mini projects to do for library after I finish with these 5 boxes of books.

5. Need a hair cut soon...

I have another list for things I need to accomplish today too. Gotta go!
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Angel Rushita

1 Stupid Rule = 2 Holes on my Arm

I just went to a lab to draw blood for blood test. I have 2 requisitions from 2 different doctors whom I need blood work on different things. I went there hoping to get both done in 1 needle but they wouldn't let me. They said OHIP wouldn't let them bill for 2 blood works from 2 different doctors on the same day. I understand they have to follow the rules, but that is one stupid rule from Ministry of Health and Long Term Care. That means they have to put that big blood-letting needle in my vein twice on 2 different days. And you know what? You can only get blood out from my left arm. My veins on my right arm are too small. And, I bought a big watermelon today. Last time when they took blood from me every other days for 6 days in a row, the vein in my left arm popped and they ended up having to find a big enough vein on my waist, same way they put an IV line on the waist, to draw blood, which hurt a lot. XD
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